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    Diecast decals is located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

    Waterslide decals are made of a special material that allows them to be transferred to the surface of the model using water. They are thinner and more delicate than regular decals, but they give a professional-looking finish.

    Waterslide decals are made with a special type of paper that allows them to be transferred to the model car with water. Regular decals are not made with this type of paper, so they cannot be transferred with water.

    All our decals are best-selling. Choose the ones that is best suited for your model cars.

    There is no minimum order for Diecast Decals. You can order one or as many as you want.

    Decals are made by first creating a design, typically with special software designed for decal production. Then the Diecast Decals are printed on blue backing water slide decal paper using Oki white toner printed.

    With proper care, our decals can last for many years. With proper care, our decals have an average lifespan of 7-10 years.

    The best way to apply a decal is to use tweezers or a small paintbrush. You can use a mild soap and water solution to clean the surface. Gently place the decal on the desired area of the car, then use a toothpick or other sharp object to press down on the decal and secure it in place.

    These decals are designed to enhance the visual appearance of model cars. You can use them on other surfaces as well. Check out our collection to know which suits your needs.

    Diecast Decals make waterslide decals for model cars.

    Yes, you can. Contact us for the price.

    Diecast Decals create top-quality custom waterslide decals for your small cars of 1/64 scale within your budget.

    Diecast Decals uses Oki White Toner Printer

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    We post using Express Post envelopes normally 1 to 3 business days.

    Yes, please contact us for the price.