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    Diecast Decals is a well-known company in Brisbane providing top-quality waterslide decals services tailored to the specific needs of your diecast cars. We are a team of young enthusiasts who can help you bring your ideas to life with top quality decals. We design decals with the graphics you need to put on your diecast cars. Our mission is to maintain excellence with each product we produce and provide you with endless possibilities to meet your unique decals needs for your toy cars. Our specialty is creating top-quality custom waterslide decals for your small cars of 1/64 scale within your budget. 
    We can also print the colour white that is literally not possible for you with a laser or inkjet printer. Tell us what you want in your Hot Wheels diecast, and we will do it for you. Explore our range of waterslide decals, or contact us to customise yours.

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